Our community matters! My wife, our two beautiful daughters, and I live in our community. My wife and I own and run several small businesses in our community. Our children attend public school in our community. I have served, and continue to serve, our community on numerous community panels and advisory boards. My wife and I employ fine people from our community. I am involved in our community because each of us in our community matters. As an immigrant to the United States, I have always understood and appreciated the opportunity that living in our community and my adopted country has given to me and my family.


     As a father of young children, I fully appreciate that supporting free and public education is the foundation upon which our future will be built. Although I know they exist, I have never met a teacher whose heart was devoted to anything other than nurturing the development of our children. As the representative of our community in the State Legislature, I will do everything within my power to try to enact laws that will clear out the obstacles that prevent classroom teachers from pursuing their passion to educate our children.

     As a businessman, I respect and value that my success is directly connected to the hard work and commitment to excellence reflected in the people my wife and I employ. The people who we employ respect and value the effort that we put into running the business where they work. In order to succeed, we need each other. As the representative of our community in the State Legislature, I will do everything within my power to try to enact laws that will allow our employees to have more money in their pockets every payday while simultaneously enacting laws that encourage and invite people to open and run more businesses in our community.


     As a family man who lives and breathes in our community, I respect freedom. Freedom is founded upon those rights written in the Bill of Rights. Each and every right in the Bill of Rights is as valuable as another, and one cannot be undone without undoing the others. As someone who has lived in a country where individual freedom was not valued, I believe that my job as your legislator will be to vote against passing laws that try to reduce our freedoms.

     I want to be your legislator for positive change. Although my opponent is an honorable man, during his time as a politician, he has repeatedly voted to pass laws that do not truly benefit the people in our community. I believe that we can and should have laws that give hope, promise, and opportunity to all of the people in our community, across our State, and across our Nation. No one individual is as strong as all of us working together!

                            I will be honored to have you vote for me for Assembly!



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     Paridokht Mazarei was born on the 26th of April, 1930 in the city of Shiraz, Iran. She was the second of seven children born to Nayar Al Sharia and Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mazarei. 

     Paridokht was born to enlightened parents. In an era when not much importance was given to education for women, they began their children’s studies by sending Paridokht and her siblings first to the Mokhadarat and later to Dabereston Shahdokht. There were no available options for young women to earn high school diplomas at the time, so Nayar and Sayad Mohammad established a small school in their own home specializing in Natural Science for them and local young women to attend in preparation for college.  Paridokht then enrolled at Donshkada Adbiota (University) in Shiraz and graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literature with a concentration in Educational Administration.  Her first job was as a general education teacher in Math and Literature at the Madreseh Soltanei, later becoming a teacher of Physics and Chemistry at the Dabereston Nazfmea and Soria.  In 1955, she began teaching at the Dabereston Mehrahin and Honareston, and by 1965 she had become the Dean of Honarestan Moadel, one of the premier Technical Schools in Iran.



     True to her belief that a quality education should be made more attainable, in 1967 she co-established with her husband one of the best private girl schools in Shiraz, Madreseh Farda (School of Tomorrow).  She also became instrumental in introducing the International Boys and Girls Scouts to her city, sponsoring and chairing the organization and its expansion in Iran.  For all her hard work, she was recognized countless times by her peers, international groups, the Majlis (Parliament/Senate), and the Iranian Royal Family. She became a brave leader, clearing new paths for women’s rights and education through the years.


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     Her dedication and love for all the thousands of children and women under her guidance did not take her away from her foremost passions in life: family and God.  In August of 1953, after meeting Sayed Abrahim Mazarei and falling in love, she was wed.  She and her husband were the best of partners, forming a family of their own and working together towards better education in Iran.  In the role of wife and mother, Abrahim and her three beautiful children Rahele, Rayehe, and Ali were the light of her life.  Her faith in God was her strength. Continuously pursuing the Pillars of Islam, in 1976 she joined the pilgrimage of Haj, the Fifth and Final Pillar of Islam, by traveling to Mecca and becoming a “Hajiia”.  God and love was in everything she was.


     Due to political unrest in 1979, she retired and came to the United States with her family, joining the rest of her siblings in Southern California.  She maintained contact with a great many of her students and colleagues, themselves scattered across the world, and by the reinvigorated quest for knowledge she enrolled in classes at Cypress College, UCLA, and Cal State Fullerton.  The past 20 years were marked by great love of family, and with much pride and joy, she oversaw her children’s education and professional growth during this time.

     Sadly on December 26th, 2003, Paridokht succumbed to cancer.   As always, at the time of passing, she was surrounded by her loving husband, children, family, friends, and former students.  She is survived by Abrahim, Rahele, Rayehe, Zahra, Ali, Granddaughters  Sadaf, Pareenaz, Parisa and her siblings.   She will forever be in all hearts.

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