As an immigrant to the United States, and unlike anyone actually born here, I had to actually take an oath of allegiance to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as part of becoming a naturalized citizen. The first ten amendments to the Constitution (i.e., The Bill of Rights) reflect individual rights that the Founding Fathers of our country believed should never be tampered with or taken away by any government. Although the national debate currently in fashion focuses on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms (a right that I strongly support), I believe that the entirety of The Bill of Rights must remain intact, and that allowing politicians to debate whether to restrict any individual right will only set the stage to allow politicians to eventually restrict them all. It is time that you have a representative whose knowledge and appreciation for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness comes from actual experience rather than something written in a history book.


You cannot manage what you do not have. The last major dam built in California is the New Melones Dam located on the Stanislaus River, and it was completed 39 years ago in 1979; since 1979, the population of California has grown in an amount that would be equivalent to having every person presently living in the States of Washington, Oregon, and Nevada move to California. In the latest example of political stupidity, California lawmakers decided it would be better to pass a law to punish us if we use more than 50 gallons of water per day (a monetary fine of $1,000 per day for each day a person violates the law) rather than use tax money to build new dams and reservoirs. If anyone questions whether our lawmakers’ actions are colossally stupid, one need only ask the 188,000 Californians who had to evacuate their homes in February 2017 when the Oroville Dam threatened to collapse, destroy homes and businesses, cause a massive loss of life, and flood the valley. It is time that you have a representative whose knowledge about addressing real problems and developing real solutions comes from actual experience rather than from something written in a textbook.


Building high-speed trains and toll roads does nothing to help the majority of our residents to get from their homes to their jobs and back home again. For those of us who live in the real world, we know that the way to solve a problem is to (1) identify the specific problem, (2) identify specific solution options to sole the specific problem, (3) calculate the cost to implement the best solution to the problem, and (4) identify the source of the money to solve the problem. Unfortunately, theorists like Jose Medina and his Sacramento friends clearly believe that they will be able to find solutions if they first take your money; that is why Mr. Medina and his friends voted in support of the “gas tax.” As a person who owns a gas station, I deal first-hand with the frustrations of people who spend hours commuting through congestion on a daily basis. I am keenly aware that we need solutions to get us on-and- off the 91 Freeway, the 215 Freeway, and the 60 Freeway as smoothly and quickly as possible. It is time that you have a representative whose knowledge about the impact traffic jams and bad roads has on our community comes from actual experience rather than something written in a textbook by someone who never dealt with “rush hour” traffic on a regular basis.


The fundamental challenge in our State is to find balance between adopting and enforcing laws that make us feel more secure without simultaneously passing laws that are so overly strict that they deprive us of the very freedoms we value. Unfortunately, our State legislators have shown very little interest in finding a balance. Instead, the lawmakers in Sacramento have chosen to sacrifice the rights of the law-abiding people they represent in favor of releasing convicted criminals back onto the streets long before they have served their sentences. Worse yet, those same legislators have all-but handcuffed the brave men and women in law enforcement by passing laws that protect the rights of criminals at the expense of promoting public safety in our community; thereby putting all of our property and lives in danger. It is time that you have a representative whose knowledge about the impact crime has in our community comes from actual experience dealing, and not from a schoolbook.


In California, every payday, the lawmakers in Sacramento take more money out of your pocket in the form of “income tax” than any other State in the United States. The lawmakers in Sacramento take a portion of every dollar that you earn every time you get your paycheck. With the money you have left after the government has taken its cut from your income, the legislature takes another portion of your money in the form of “sales tax” every time you buy something. Of course, when you buy gasoline in California, you get taxed twice; first, because of the “gas tax,” the government takes a bigger portion of every dollar that you spend buying gas, and second takes another portion of your remaining dollar because of the infamous "Cap and Trade Tax to supposedly clean the air. Without any sunset date, “Gas Tax” and the “Cap and Trade Tax” will continue to increase every year, without any debate, without any vote, and without any input from you.

In other words, the career politicians take money from you when you get paid, when you fill up your car, when you register your vehicle, when you pay your cell phone bill, when you pay your utility bill, and then when you go to buy something with the little bit of money you have left over. 

It is time that you have a representative who has actual experience running a successful and fiscally efficient business, someone who knows how to make sacrifices, tough decisions, balance a budget and make the payroll.